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In 1987, I was involved in a devastating car accident with an 18 wheeler that killed one of my best friends.  I was flown by Maryland State Police medivac helicopter to the Level III trauma center in Salisbury, MD.  Bloody and unconscious, my life was saved by the quick response EMS providers and the specialized triage sequence called the “Golden Hour” pioneered by doctor R.A. Cowley at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. 

Four years later, I began working at the Shock Trauma Center, the preeminent trauma center that helped save my life.  As a critical care nurse, I have a real understanding of my patients and the pain they experience.  I have created these designs to highlight the Shock Trauma teamwork our staff exemplifies.  Proceeds for the sale of Traumawear benefit the Shock Trauma Center and EMS coordinator department.

Traumawear is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, and all members of the healthcare team that make the golden hour a reality.

Chris Wentker RN


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the proceeds go?

Proceeds from the sale of Traumawear go to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Specifically to the general fund for EMS education and coordination.  This maintains the education and standard of quality of EMS personel to provide prompt and specialized care to all.  For special events like nursing conferences and continuing education days held on site at Shock Trauma, the proceeds go the Nursing Education Department.

Who wears Traumawear?

Traumawear is available to everyone.  The staff at the Shock Trauma Center take pride in their work and dedication to excellence.  Families and friends of patients also purchase items to serve as a reminder of the life saving care they experienced.  All EMS/Fire/Police are welcome wear the Shock Trauma Team gear, as they are the first responders and on-scene heroes.  Anyone can support the worlds only free standing, Trauma specific, dedicated healthcare facility which serve over 8,000 critically injuried every year.  Chances are that someone you know has had their life changed by the Shock Trauma Team.

Can Traumawear be sold at "my" event?

Please invite Traumawear to your next event.  We currently are representing the Shock Trauma Center at the two largest EMS events in Maryland.  Check us out at Ocean City Firemans Convention and Tilghman Island's Winterfest.  We would like to set up a table at your next event...Bingo, staff meeting, local EMS celebrations/carnivals, awards banquet, or any other related activity.  Contact us for info.  Proceeds would go directly to your event.

For any more information, please use the Contact Us link.